Landscapes Landscapes Spring In Killarney 16X20" Acrylic 205958869 Resting place between portages 16x20" acrylic on gallery canvas 206125070 Canoe On Petawawa River 16X20" - Acrylic 205958870 Ready to Canoe on Smoke Lake 12X12" - Acrylic 205958871 The Algonquin 24X36" Sold 151245493 205959532 205959534 Algonquin Park 16X20" acrylic on canvas 205940926 Mighty Maple 24x24" Acrylic on gal. canvas 205959535 205959531 Lake Louisa - Ontario 18x24" acrylic on gallery canvas 205959529 205959530 Killarney leaning pine 18x24" acrylic on gallery canvas 205959527 Fishing Sale Louisa 12x12" acrylic on gallery canvas 205981496 Woodland lace 16x20" acrylic on gallery canvas 206017915 KLEINBURG 12x16" acrylic on canvas 206017914 205959533 Along the Madawaska River Not for sale 70696060 Northern Sunset 12X12" acrylic on gallery canvas 206125069 Boxwood Park Acrylic on canvas 70696061 Tuscan harvest 24X36 Acrylic on canvas 189073204 Tuscany 24X30 acrylic on canvas - sold 145169201 Tug Boat in Thorold Acrylic on canvas - 40X60cm not available 113403510 Northern Vista Acrylic on 30X24" gallery canvas - SOLD 201365127 205566145 205959538 Forest in the Fall 8X10" oil and cold wax on paper 205959528 Mill Pond Gallery 80x100cm acrylic on canvas 205959537 Boxgrove Park Acrylics on gallery canvas 24X24" (not available) 117514462 Whistler, BC 80X100cm acrylic on canvas 191965161 Venice 24X30 acrylic on canvas - sold 145169202 Season of Comfort? Approx. size 80X100cm 68595968 Sunset reflections 24x24" acrylic on canvas 131848136 Reflections 18x24" canvas - acrylic 206382196