Member of :      Markham Arts Council (MAC),  Markham Group of Artists (MGA), Richmond Hill Group of Artists  (RHGA), Society of York Region Artists (SOYRA)

Vera Walton




An inspiration taken further, art uplifts and sings to the soul.

It brings joy and sense of achievement when done. It makes the artist unaware of time, it transforms her into an altered reality that is focused on the beauty of the creation. It is a statement that is read with the heart.

I started with drawing, and watercolours seemed a natural progression. As I got into watercolours, I wanted to experiment with new media which then led me to oils and acrylics. Each medium has something that I love about it and I go in spurts as the passion takes me working with different media. I find inspiration in colours, in nature, and most of all in people.​  I love to experiment with abstract paintings to bring out freedom, colour and movement.

I enjoy painting faces that convey an emotion…it seems to bring life out to the spectator. I am also inspired by architecture, working in the architectural field . Most of the architecture that I paint has a sentimental nostalgic value going back to my childhood in Czechoslovakia.

My abstracts are a beautiful interaction of colour and shape that comes straight from the soul. It speaks differently to others and mirrors their own life experiences, making it the most intimate artform.

I feel that I am constantly growing and changing in my creative endeavors.

Vera Walton


Vera Walton is a contemporary visual artist who works mainly in acrylic and mixed media using various techniques to achieve different textures and designs.  The latest line of abstracts is mainly intuitive, incorporating motion and vibrant colours to portray a mood. She finds inspiration in her passion for flora and the colours of life. Her work is very expressionistic and leaves space for one’s interpretation. 

Vera has loved drawing from childhood, that’s where the passion for creating art started. She studied architecture at U of T and took art courses as part of the program. She was exposed to various forms of art like photography, colour and coordination design  study, silk screening, drawing. That was her formal introduction to art. 

She started painting in her forties, taking courses and workshops from various accomplished artists and learning techniques she could then apply to her creations. She experimented and worked with drawing, watercolour, oils, and acrylics. With much practice, she developed her own personal style.

 Her paintings vary from figurative expressions to florals and abstracts, mainly done in acrylic and mixed media.  What connects her paintings is the bold, vibrant style that makes the viewer feel the joy, the emotional high she tries to catch and express with bright colours and motion. 

 Her goal is to inspire the viewers to appreciate and see the beauty around them in perhaps a different light.

Vera has been exhibiting locally for about 18 years, and has been included in many juried shows. Some of her paintings are in collections in the United States, UK, Czech Rebublic as well as in Canada.


U of Toronto School of Architecture - 2 yrs.

George Brown College - Drafting 

Numerous art courses and workshops with professional artists

Juried exhibitions 

2023 - Markham Arts Council Juried Show - McKay Gallery Unionville

2023 - Richmond Hill Art Walk Juried show - Centre for the Performing Arts - Yonge St.

2023 - Markham Group of artists Juried show - McKay Gallery Unionville

2023 - Richmond Hill Group of Artists juried show at Mill Pond Gallery

2023 - Newmarket juried show - winner - best painting in show

2022 - Marham Group of Artists Juried show in Unionville

2022 - Richmond Hill Group of Artists Juried show in Mill Pond gallery

exhibitions / shows:

Sep 2008.  - Markham 48 Studio Tour

Nov 2008  -  Markham Show and Sale on Main St. (Markham Arts Council)

Apr. 2009  -  Gheco Gallery on Main St. Markham

Jun 2009  -  Markham Art She and Sale on Main St. Markham (Markham Arts Council)

Jun 2009  -  Unionville Festival (MAC)

Sep 2009  -  Markham Studio Tour 

Nov 2009  -  Markham Art She and Sale on Main St. Markham (Markham Arts Council)

Apr 2010  -  Heintzman House Spring Art Show

Jun 2010. -  Markham Art Show Unionville - (MAC) - won the People's choice award + article on my BIO in the "Arts in Motion" publication

Jun 2010  -  2 pieces hanging in Markham Municipal Offices until Oct

Aug 2010 -  Summer Show - RHGA - Mill Pond Gallery

Oct. 2010 -  2 artist show at Mill Pond

Nov. 2010 -  Holiday Show - Mill Pond gallery - RHGA

Dec 2010 - Participated in the "Art and Soul" Holiday Food Drive - painted a canvas

Mar 2011 -  Mill Pond Gallery - 2 artist show

Mar 2011 -  MAC Art Show and Sale in Markville Mall

Mar 2011 -  Markham Group of Artists "Breaking Boundaries" Juried Show - Art Sqare Gallery -Toronto

Apr 2011 -  Heintzman House Invitational Art Show

Aug 2011 -  Georgina Splash Festival Art Show (juried entry)

Dec 2011  - Markham Art Collective  Art Show at the Markham Theatre

Jan - Feb 2012 - RHGA - Art Show at the Markham Theatre

March 17,18, 2012  -  Mill Pond Art Gallery - 2 artist show

Apr 2012  -  Heintzman House Invitational Art Show - Thornhill

Apr 3-5, 2013  -  MAC Art Show at McKay House, Unionville

Apr 2014 -  Heintzman House Invitational Art Show - Thornhill

Jun 2014 -  McKay House Group Show - Unionville

Jul 2014  -  Mill Pond Gallery Group Show

Jun 2015  -  McKay House Group Show - Unionville

Jul 2015  -  McKay House Show  - 2 artists - Unionville

Oct 2015  -  McKay House Group Show - Unionville

Nov 2015 -  Open Juried Show North York at the Mill Pond Gallery

Sep 21-25, 2016  -  MAC Fall Art Show at the McKay House Unionville

Apr16-May1, 2016. -  Columbus Centre - Joseph Carrier Gallery - 7 artists Show

Oct 2016  -  Willowdale Group of Artists Fall Show - North York Civic Centre

Nov 4, 2016  -  MAC Art Show at Crystal Fountain exhibiting artist

Nov 4,5, 2016 - Bold Expressions Juried Show at the Blood and Ossington Wonder Art Gallery

Apr 2017 - MAC Art Show at the McKay House  - Unionville

May 2017  -  RHGA Paint the Town art show  juried show

Oct 2017 -  Paint the Town art exhibit at the Flat Theatre

Nov 25 -Dec 3, 2017 -  Small Treasures Show at Mill Pond Gallery

Apr 2018 -  RHGA Anual juried show - Mill Pond

Dec 2018 -  RHGA Small Treasures Show - Mill Pond Gallery

Dec 2018 -  MGA group art show  - Cornell Community Centre

Jan 24-Feb 8,2019 -  ART SQUARE gallery show

Jan 30-Feb 28, 2019 - Cover Notes Cafe show

March 30, 2019 - Mill Pond Gallery - 2 artists show (with Paula Boss)

May 18, 2019  -  RHGA - Spring Fling Group show at the Mill Pond gallery

May 25, 2019  -  MGA juried Show at the McKay House in Unionville

Sep 7, 2019  -    Doors Open Markham show with MGA group 

Sep 28-Oct 6, 2019  -  RHGA Group Show at the Mill Pond Art Gallery

Aug 30 - Oct 30  - Single artist show at Citro Restaurant on Yonge St.

Nov 16-24, 2019- Mil Pond Gallery group show

Dec 1, 2019 - Mill Pond Gallery group show

Feb. 2020  - Richmond Hill Performance Arts Centre - group show 

Apr 15-19,2020. - KcKay Gallery Unionville - Reflections of Spring Show - with 4 other artists

Aug 2020 - Group Show - virtual - RHGA 

Sep 2020 - Juried open show with Markham Group of artists - virtual

Mar 2021 - Virtual show - RHGA group show

Apr 2021 - Markham GA - juried show -virtual

Apr 2022 - Juried show at RHGA - Mill Pond Gallery

Apr -May 2022 - Juried show with Markham Group of artists

Sep 2022 - Show with 4 others at the McKay Gallery in Unionville

Apr 2023 - Juried show - Newmarket - won first prize for best painting in the show

May 2023 - Juried Show - Markham Group of Artists

Sep 2023 - Richmond Hill Art Walk -juried show

Oct 2023 - Show with 4 others at the McKay Gallery in Unionville

Oct 2023 - Juried into Heintzman House show for next spring

Oct 2023 - Juried show - Markham Arts Council - open to york region artists - 7 artists chosen

Nov 2023 -  show - Small is beautiful - Markham G of Artists