I start painting my work intuitively to see where the main colours snd strokes lead me. Then I start applying details to make a design that works well. My goal is to achieve motion and lead the viewer into his imagination. His experience and views will make him see something that ties into that personal experience evoking emotions particular to the viewer. 

Fly with Me

36"x36" acrylic on canvas                                                    $1800.-

As I painted the black lines , I stopped to see what I can make of this and by painting over some of the lines, two birds appeared and I knew how to finish this piece. The birds, a symbol of love and freedom, are happily in a pair ready to explore the world. The sun shines on their journey.


30x40" Acrylic on canvas                                  $2100.-                           

An intuitive piece that is about the circle of life. As the tree sheds its fruit and seeds, the seeds fall and sprout again, reborn, to make our environment beautiful.

Time is of Essence

30x40" acrylic on canvas                                                               $1900.-

As I happily and dreamingly applied paint to the canvas, a clock face seemed to appear and i counterbalanced it with the swinging pendulum of the old-fashioned clocks. I can hear the gong of the grandfather clock in my mind and it reminds me of my own grandfather and of times gone by.

Magic Tower of Wisdom

24x30" Acrylic on canvas $800.-

This painting's shapes and swirls remind me of some castle in the air surrounded by forests, stars and a silver lake.... of course, I grew up on fairy tales. What do you see?


30x40" Acrylic on canvas            $1200.-

The bird is at the center of this colourful painting. As it struggles to rise towards the sun, it knows it will be victorious, just as the Phoenix: it rises from the ashes to live again and experience the beauty of life.


25x30" Acrylic on canvas $800.-

I love the softness that holds the jewels in it's palm! One wants to grab them and pick them up. 


30x40" Acrylic on canvas $1800.-

There could be a story in each part of this painting.  With it's pockets of colours and shapes, it leads the viewer's imagination to a new narrative and joy that the effects of the colours and shapes create on our soul.  They are just like songs that bring us to memories that have been long forgotten.

Angels among us

36X36" Acrylic on canvas     $1100.-

Do you see the angels? There are two angels floating through the gardens of delights. How marvellous! And look more closely to find some lovely details.


24x30" Acrylic on canvas $500.-

A reposing figure is relaxed and pensive, contemplating life as the yellow light lingers.


30x30"  Acrylic on canvas $1200.-

I called this painting Connections because it feels like a map I'm looking at . Everywhere we go, more spaces open up and we have to make a decision. Which way is next?


30x30" Acrylic on canvas $1200.-

Fancy free dancing shapes moving towards the light.


24x36" Acrylic on canvas $900-

Shapes reach out towards each other as if they want to join in this large abstract piece.


30x40" Acrylic on canvas $1200.-

This dynamic painting has pretty flowers that seem to be in motion as they drink up the water from the lush soil.


36X48" Acrylic on canvas @2400.-


24x24" Acrylic on canvas $400.-

Multicoloured caleidoscope plays on opposite colours and jewel like shapes to create a dynamic picture that draws you in.


24x24" Mixed Media on canvas $500.-

A beautiful light shines out from the center of this sunset like abstract and draws the imagination to create a landscape in the mind of the observer.


24X24" Mixed media on canvas $400.-

The torquise colour makes one feel that this could be a sunken treasure in the depths of the sea with cave like structure around it.


30x40".  Mixed Media on canvas $600.-

A beautiful delicate intertwining of blue, gold and purple hues with lace patterns.


24x24"   Mixed Media on canvas                                                                                               $300.-


30x40"   Acrylic on canvas                                                                             $800.-


24X36"  Acrylic on canvas                                                                 $700.-